SKILLS & 2V2 Information

by Joe Bertaccini

One of the biggest thrills of Nationals is putting your skills to the test in our Skills and 2v2 competitions. Signups for these events are all handled at the event in the registration office.  All event times can be found on the schedule.  However, we have broken them down below.

It is highly recommended that you sign up as early as possible as these events have a tendency to sell out, and with as big as our event is this year, we are fully expecting them to!  We have attached the sign-up forms below if you would like to be proactive and have them filled out prior to your arrival.


2v2 SIGNUP 2021

Skills Competitions

6U6/26/202111:00 AMRink C
8U6/26/20213:30 PMTour Arena
10U AAA / AA6/26/20212:30 PMTour Arena
10U A / A Tier 26/26/20211:40 PMRink C
12U AAA / AA6/26/20214:30 PMTour Arena
12U A / A Tier 26/26/20215:30 PMTour Arena
14U AAA6/29/20214:00 PMTour Arena
14U AA6/29/20212:00 PMTour Arena
14U A / A Tier 26/29/20213:20 PMRink C
16U AAA / AA6/30/20212:20 PMRink C
16U A / A Tier 26/29/20212:40 PMTour Arena
PRO SERIES6/30/20214:40 PMTour Arena

2V2 Challenges

8U6/26/202111:40 AMRink C
10U (ALL DIVISIONS)6/26/202111:00 AMTour Arena
12U (ALL DIVISIONS)6/26/202112:30 PMTour Arena
14U (ALL DIVISIONS)6/29/202112:40 PMTour Arena
16U (ALL DIVISIONS)6/30/20211:10 PMRink C