Women's Roller Hockey Alive & Well In Detroit!

This weekend gave TORHS2Hot4Ice a ton of hope that our Women's Division in Taylor this Summer will be bigger and better than ever.  It's unfortunate that the core group of girls like Ashley Deal, Juli Bradford, and Nicolette Franck never really have the opportunity to play in tournament level hockey until the Summer year in and year out.  There is a ton of talent out there in the world of Women's Roller Hockey, and it is rarely showcased during the regional season.  

This weekend at JCC, we had the pleasure of two Women's teams coming out and playing in the Adult Aluminum Division.  They never thought twice about going out there and competing against Men, in fact the majority of the girls that skated this weekend do so on a weekly basis at Joe Dumars' Fieldhouse on different Adult Open teams.  DMS proved this weekend that as a team they can compete with anyone at anytime.  They opened the Aluminum Division by losing to Alkali Impulse 2-1 (and had some great chances to tie that game), then lost a close one to the IHC team, and again fell by one goal to the Phoenix 4-3.

This morning we held a Women's Championship game between DMS and the Mission Bauer Bordercats, and DMS took home the title by a score of 4-2.  

We are hopeful that these two teams will continue to compete all year round at regional events, especially after strong showings this weekend.  

Thanks again go out to all the DMS team, as well as Evil, Lori Nowicki, and all of the Mission Bauer Bordercats for a weekend full of good hockey!

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