Wish you were here!

We are just about to begin the championship games here at the New Port Richey qualifier! Usually, I'm stuck in the registration room all day, checking in teams, entering stats, and chasing people down for money–– I rarely get to actually see any hockey. However, this is now my favorite rink to work at because the check-in desk is right next to the rink and I actually got to watch all of the games! 

I feel like I've been around long enough now that I'm starting to recognize and get to know lots of people and it's always exciting to see everyone again! One of my favorite parts of the Florida qualifier is that the Scorpions participate and they always come with a bunch of girls on their roster. This is the first time I've seen Abby Munger in a while and she's gotten so tall that I hardly recognized her! I love to see these girls growing up and still being a part of the sport. I have a feeling Munger will be around for a long time and has an exciting future of hockey ahead of her––not only is she an incredibly talented player, but she's got the fight of a lion to back it up. 

George is working the qualifier in Pittsburgh this weekend and even though he was talking so much trash about my healthy food in Atlanta, I bet he's wishing I was there with my cooler full of snacks! Don't let him fool you, he loved the homemade granola I made last time! 

Thanks for making this an awesome event for those of you were here with us in New Port Richey this weekend! For those of you who weren't, we missed you! Hopefully we'll see you next time!