Who's bringin' the heat???

Somebody, anybody, EVERYBODY bring some heat!!  So far, the action on the rink is heating up, but it's doing absolutely NOTHING for my bald head!!

This weekend has been freezing cold but the hockey has actually been good, even with the conflict we have had with the PIRHL (but that's a whole different story).  Last night and today has really heated up.  Teams have been battling for seeding in the playoffs and the heat was needed as the temp hit zero degrees last night.  

When I came in today, the Pro semis were underway and the Roadrunners gave the eventual Pro champion Mission Black Ice a scare.  MBI snuck it out though with a 5-3 win and then dominated the Pro championship 7-2.  In Gold/Silver, I have to admit that I was pretty surprised as Hot as Fire dropped to Silver and the Buffalo Fusion are getting ready to play in the Gold Championship.  They have played some great hockey and that division was pretty tight even though Gold and Silver were combined to start.  Hot as Fire will link up with Gun Lake Casino in the Silver final and the Bronze final will see the Black Biscuit Vikings take on the winner of the upcoming Vipers/Black Ice game after Black Ice pulled the upset in the 2vs7 game this morning, knocking off Tyler True's Bordercats- to which Jason Muro told me to ask Tyler "what time his next adult game was, "  Jason responded, "it won't be tonight!" (as he shook the Dikembe Motumbo finger).

Revision Inferno Black was dominant in their run to the squirt title as they defeated the Bridgeville Bulldawgz.  Peewee, Bantam, and Migdet are still in the midst of round robin play but Juniors ended with a Black Ice victory...notice a pattern here??

It's always good to get the season underway again, as you get to see some amazing people.  Muro, Vio, the Gerger family, the Davis family, The Dellamortes; I could sit here all night and name the faces I love seeing but I don't have that long.  It's great to get back into the swing of things with the staff as well- JB, Bell, RB,True are all here, and John...you're truly missed.  But as for now, I'm gonna get back to doing these stats.

Speaking of stats, it's been a numbers game all weekend.  The new point format keeps so many teams in it longer as a regulation win is now worth three points.  The white out has lived in my back pocket this weekend as I was seeding teams not realizing teams below them still had a chance.  Coaches- have fun with the math all season!!

Well...I'm getting ready to finish out the night here with some adult championship games, and I had to get on here, not only because I wanted to talk to the people but because I was called out by Joe!  Til' next time folks...