Weather Doesn't Stop Great Hockey in STL!

Since I arrived here in St. Louis on Thursday, I don't know that I've seen sunshine and no rain at the same time.  We headed out to the Cardinals vs. Royals game on Thursday night and sat through an hour rain delay to start things out.  We saw 8 great innings of baseball with off and on sprinkles throughout an absolute pitching gem by Michael Wacha, and it feels like  from the moment Mitchell Boggs created a lynch mob the storms haven't stopped.  

Last night was truly a scary moment.  The tornado's that ripped through Missouri were way too close to All-American for comfort.  We had sirens going off outside, players and parents in stairwells, offices, and bathrooms taking cover not really knowing what to expect.  TORHS2Hot4Ice would like to send our thoughts and well wishes to all of those effected by these brutal storms, especially our hockey family.  Everyone here at AA is safe and sound, but many of the players left here last night not knowing what to expect when they got back to their homes, we hope that each and every one of you got there safely!

Weather aside, I absolutely love it here!  St. Louis has turned into a second home for me.  Rob, Tammy, Shawn, and Greg all treat me like I'm part of the All-American team every time I'm here.  Friendly faces like Lisa Schraeder, Mike Tillotson, Chris Sander, Ken Gibson, and so many others just make it an absolutely great place to work!  

I don't know if it's possible to write a St. Louis blog from All-American and not mention the Dunne family!  I don't know that I've ever seen any of them walk into the rink without a smile on their face, whether they're the one playing or not.  Tom and Tammy have done an amazing job with all of their kids, so polite, outgoing, and friendly sometimes you wonder if they're real or not.  We had a chance to talk with Jincy yesterday about her upcoming tryouts in June, and wish her the best of luck!  We hope to be able to watch her in Sochi in 2014!

Well, it's just after 7:00 and the first game of the day is getting ready to go, and I have to stop Mike Bell from eating the rest of the Hot Krispy Kremes he picked up on the way to the rink today.

Until later.....