TORHS2Hot4Ice Returns to Sonora!

TORHS2Hot4Ice has made a return to this historic city in northern California with a bang.  We have 45 hours of hockey ahead of us and the player, coaches, and parents could not wait to get started.  You know they are serious about their hockey in Nor-Cal when they have filled up the parking lot an hour before the first game.  Black Biscuit has made the trip to this regional and it looks like they may not have enough merchandise by the traffic they are attracting already.

With 34 teams and a ton of hockey to watch this weekend, it has the makings of a great weekend in this awesome city in the Sierra foothills.  Some of the teams to make the journey to this former gold mining town are the Silicon Valley Quakes, Revision Revolution, San Jose Inline Sharks, Delta River Rats,  and the Chico Firebirds.  We will have more to come from the first weekend of regional qualifiers so stay tuned.