The show contiunues on the island...

An early morning ride with JP Susco was more than enough to wake Dave and I up this morning.  JP comes upstairs to visit the room and asked me what Dave's last name was.  I told him it was McNeil.  Turns out that Dave coached JP years ago with Tour Triton down in Florida.  JP has gone on to win pro championships with the Snipers out of New York, and is one of our referees this weekend.  Our world of roller hockey is so small, we all cross paths at some point.

My first thought this morning was what I was going to get at the Bagel Palace, which is in the same plaza as Rapid Fire.  I look forward to going to that place every time we come here.  Games were ready to go and Dave and I were set up for registration and merchandise and everything is running smooth.  We have been running ahead all day as all divisions (other than adults) have played this morning.  The New York Terror grabbed their second win in as many games in the peewee division and the bantam games have been close.  Denis Jelcic sent his 12U team to play in this event.  He was trying to pull together a mens team but it didn't work out.  It's always good to see the ISCA Grizzly jerseys at the rink.

This morning, Jason Muro had to set the tone and went around to everyone biting heads off.  He got to me and Mr Dellamorte was there to defend me to get him off my back.  He accused Jason for being upset because he lost this morning, and Jason then tells everyone in the rink "I'm not upset," while pointing to his countless number of trophies from National tournaments dating back a decade, if not more.  I did have to let Jay know that if he walked by and bumped me on purpose one more time, that he was gonna see the "RUFF BUFF" come out in me.  I already had to take care of a bird, and he was going to be next.  And the bird didn't come back this morning- he knew what was best for him!!

I am excited about lunch and dinner today as lunch is being provided by the Phelan's as they are bringing the biggest Italian hero known to mankind, and then it's a shrimp parm hero from the Dellamorte's for dinner.  I'll have some POP with that.  Unfortunately, they have NO IDEA what pop is on the island.  It was like I was speaking a foreign language at the snack bar, because they say soda!  It's POP folks!!

We keep things rolling on the island.  The characters out here lead me to believe that roller hockey should have some sort of reality show!!!  I am sure there will be more stories to come!