Southern Flare

When We Departed Detroit on Wednesday, and started our 14 hour trek to Raleigh, we were all tired from a long 10 days in Taylor.  Now that we've transformed Dreamsports into TORHS2Hot4Ice Land, the energy is back and the hockey is as good as we've seen all year here at Dreamsports. 

We've made the soccer field here at Dreamsports our sponsor area, and it's rocking already.  We've got Bradley from Tour Hockey set up with all of their latest equipment, LJB Jewelry has a ton of great stuff that the kids are drooling over, the Mini-Rink has been full since 5:00 PM yesterday, Body Helix has some amazing products for athletes of all ages, the Dangl Productions crew is here filming unreal videos all week, and the TORHS2Hot4Ice merchandise booth has been packed the first 2 days!

I'd like to thank George Goodwin of the Junior Gladiators program for all of the hard work he has put in.  We had some drama (I'm not getting into the politics that went on) in a couple divisions this week, and George bent over backwards making tons of phone calls to do whatever he could to make sure his teams had a chance to experience this amazing event.  

We only have 2 teams competing in the Atom Division, but we're blowing it up!  The Junior Gladiators and Dreamsports Dragons All-Stars are playing a Stanley Cup style best of 7 series, and the TORHS2Hot TV crew has been doing a 24/7 style video for them.  Pre-Game and Post-Game interviews, video footage of all the games, and highlights from the Skills Competition.  Make sure you take a look tonight when it's uploaded on to our media page. 

Speaking of our media page, we couldn't be happier with the work that Itan, Juaquin, Junior, and George have done so far.  We've had thousands of hits on our videos from Nationals North already, and they've got some great things planned for this week in Raleigh.  Check out this link for all of the videos, photos, and other media!  


We'll be back in a bit for some coverage on the Masters Division, Adult Division, and the Cubs!