Rocking in "HotLanta"

It's great to be back in Snellville, GA at SGAA.  This has always been one of our favorite venues.  The duel decks lined up side by side with the crowd in the middle, and music blaring from both rinks creates an atmosphere second to none.  You can feel the electricity in the air!  The action has been non-stop.  And that is in our mini-rink!  (The action in our big rinks has been pretty exciting as well! lol).  

It's always great to see some of our loyal followers in their own back yard.  Proudly sporting their new names, we've got the "Tour" Lizard Kings and the "Mission" Sting in full force.  The Sting have a total of 9 teams participating here.  Jerry Fecteau has built quite a program, and the Lizard Kings will travel all over to play our tournaments.  We appreciate all the support we get here.  The PTC Jets and Jr. Gladiators are also well represented this weekend.  Delmar Prowant's Squirt and Peewee teams are looking real stong so far.  

It's also great to see the the Dragons, Assault and Checkers make the trip down from NC, and the Knuckleheads, Raiders and Nighthawks traveling in from TN.  The Gamblers also traveled out of their FL market to qualify up here.  Looking at the team's list has the feel of a National Event, and I'm sure we'll see most of these teams in either Raleigh or Detroit for finals.  Good luck to all the teams this weekend!