Rink Rat & TORHS 2Hot4Ice join forces!

Ponte Vedra, FL, 12/15/14 - TORHS 2Hot4Ice LLC today announced a partnership with Rink Rat Hockey, uniting the 2 companies that were partners for a long time nearly 10 years ago.

“Rink Rat has been reinvigorated with a new-found commitment to helping grow our sport and to servicing our customers with the best product in the world. I had the pleasure to meet with Ron and Joe on several occasions discussing our partnership and getting Rink Rat back on board with Torhs2Hot4Ice.   Their professionalism and commitment to the sport of inline hockey is what makes them easily one of the premier events in the world to attend and we’re very excited to be a sponsor.    We look forward to seeing all the players and parents throughout the regional season and at the Finals in Detroit this summer!” said Nick Dowling, Owner.

“We are very excited to bring Rink Rat back on board as a member of our sponsorship team,” says Joe Bertaccini, one of the owners of TORHS 2Hot4Ice.  “They have been a leader in our industry for a very long time, and to be aligned with them once again is very important to us as we continue to strive to offer the very best tournament experience.  Nick and Skyler have always been and continue to be vested in our sport, and we share their passion and love for the game.  Look for Rink Rat to be involved throughout the Regional season, as well as have a large presence at Nationals!”

“We’re excited to get our new wheels in front a whole new customer base and with proven performers like the Identity Split, game-changers like the Identity Krysis and the re-launch of the World Cup, we are committed to providing the best performing products for any player, at any level, at any price.  So whether you're a weekend warrior, a tournament guru, a house league fanatic or an outdoor specialist...we have a wheel built and priced just for you.”  said Skyler Hoar, Brand Manager.       

Rink Rat Hockey Wheels, founded by Mearthane Products Corporation in Cranston, Rhode Island, has been designing and manufacturing inline hockey wheels since 2002.  In 2010, Faction Sports took over the global sales, distribution, marketing and product development of Rink Rat hockey wheels. In April 2014 Nick purchased Faction Sports with a commitment to providing the best wheels in roller hockey.  This commitment can be seen with the launch of the Identity Krysis, which is being recognized as the best performing wheel in the world. Today, the company is operating in Southern California with distribution and sales in over a dozen countries worldwide.  For more information, please visit their website at www.rinkrathockey.com.

TORHS 2Hot4Ice is one of the largest tournament organizations in the sport.  They accommodate roller hockey programs of all ages and skill levels ranging from grass roots to highly competitive.  Their ultimate goal is to provide opportunity for all teams to compete evenly both regionally and nationally.  For more information, please visit their website at www.torhs2hot4ice.com.