Quick update...GAME OF THE DAY!!

We got underway early today-  7am start and things are rolling.  Playoffs are underway, teams are advancing to the finals, and our first final is on the rink right now as the Speed faces Dragons Gold in the squirt (12U) Tier 2 Championship.

Earlier today, the playoffs got underway in such an exciting fashion.  The Dragons Black took on the Tour Rattlers Orange in the squirt Tier 1 semi final game.  The Tour Rattlers Orange tied the game at 3 with :23 left in regulation regulation.  At regionals we have picked up the 2Hot4Ice overtime format during playoffs, where we start with a five-minute sudden death 3-on-3, then 2-on-2, then a shootout.  This game was packed with end to end action as the fans made it sound like an NHL arena inside.  The gasps, the oohs, and ahs, and ohhhs, hockey Mom's screaming when they got too nervous; there was a great atmosphere in the rink.  By the time the shootout took place, it felt like there was nothing else going in the building as everyone had congregated around the glass on the blue rink.

The shootout went seven rounds deep as Adam Kanning (Dragons Black) and Tyler Hulbert (Tour Rattlers Orange) stood on their heads during the game and all of the extra sessions.  The goaltenders did not allow one goal during the overtimes and shootout until...Cody Choi of the Rattlers got the goal in round #7, and Hulbert came up with the big save to seal the win.

The Rattlers will now face TC 2000 in the squirt Tier 1 final.  I can't wait to see that one.

Playoffs are in full swing now, and we will wrap up round robin for peewees and adults in the next couple of hours.  The parents/fans down here are crazy for their hockey and they are eating it up at playoff time...CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THE ATMOSPHERE IS LIKE DOWN HERE FOR NATS!!!