by Joe Bertaccini

Looking forward to a great weekend of hockey this weekend at Corona Inline.  We would like to pass on the protocol that we will be following for the duration of our event this week.  Please respect the rules, and follow them so we can all enjoy a great weekend.  We are super excited to be back hosting events!

  • No overnight parking; no RV parking; no EZ Ups in the parking lot
  • Friday is a business day; please respect the local businesses and do not set up chairs; gear, etc. on the surrounding sidewalks/property; this goes for all weekend
  • Masks must be worn by everyone inside the facility; exception being dressed players with helmets on going to and from the rink (and while on the rink)
  • Locker rooms will be used; please ensure you exit in a timely manner and take all your gear with you;
  • There will be no bag drops within the facility; we are not responsible for any bags left as those will be moved to outside the facility (there's just no room inside the facility)
  • No pets allowed inside the facility

We greatly appreciate everyone's understanding.  See you all soon!