Pittsburgh does it again!!

55 teams will compete in this weekend's regional at Hot Shots here in Mt. Pleasant, PA!!  What's even better is the fact that most (if not all) of these teams will be at nationals in Aston.

I'm happy to be typing on my own computer as the last time we were here for Winter Cup, my computer was completely crashed.  It's always awesome seeing faces you know at these events whether you have seen them already this year or if its your first time seeing them this season.  There's always something new to talk about.  Nate Gerger was the first to chirp me, but talks with their family are always good.

It seems as if every year I come here- the Pens are in the playoffs and I always get the question, "how are your Sabres doing?"  Well, guys...IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE.  We are the worst team in the NHL and we can't even win the draft lottery.  Yes; I'm bitter!! Anyway, the concession stand was packed last night to watch their beloved Pens fall to the Rangers in OT.

The rink was wild last night as we got started at 6pm and went late into the night.  Divisions are packed, including a fourteen team bantam division.  Even the adult division looks to be extremely competitive.  The one thing that is hardest for some players, parents and coaches is the fact that at regionals every team is usually put into the same bracket.  We use regionals to make sure all teams are placed at the correct competition level for the national event.  At times, regionals can be frustrating and discouraging because of the teams you may have to play.  We try and keep all players and organizations happy by even splitting up the divisions once the playoffs roll around, but with a tournament this large it is very hard to make EVERYONE happy.  But we assure you that at nationals- the regionals will definitely make sense.

We have organizations with multiple teams out here.  Labeda Chaos is all over the schedule, Mission Black Ice, Tour Roadrunners, Cobras, Reebok Bandits, Mission Fusion and the Bulldawgz all have multiple teams.  The best part about it is that they have younger teams as well.  Pittsburgh is an outstanding market for youth hockey.

We had four shootouts yesterday, the majority of them being via comebacks.  I'm sure there will be more as we go thru our 128 game schedule for this weekend.  The games are moving right along and rinks are on time.  It's a packed weekend and everyone is excited about the hockey here and the approaching national event.

TORHS2Hot4Ice has a HUGE announcement to make in the coming days.  This is BIG!!! Can't wait to let you guys in on it.  Stay tuned to torhs2hot4ice.com for all the info on nats and much more.  I'm gonna get back to the tourny now.  But we will keep you updated as much as possible.