Oh, Canada!

Good morning from Oakville, Ontario, Canada!  This weekend we are at the Oakville Arena where there is some major hype about Nationals.  It's an easy trek for Canadian teams to Taylor, MI and mostly every team in this tournament plans to make that trip; thats ALWAYS good news.

Left work, got thru customs and we pulled in ready to start the tourney with two regulars!  Rob Morgan and Phil Nolan have their Halton Alkali Coyotes and Mississauga Mission Rattler organizations, respectively, going strong and they are here in great number.

We have three divisions here in Oakville but the divisions are deep and stacked with talent.  Last night, every division saw some action as we knocked out eight games.  The rink here is easy to get to and its very comfortable and always clean.  It was a pleasure to see Scott Buehlow walk in the door as I didn't know if I would get to see him.  Scott was in the hospital last week but he's a trooper and he came out to get his teams here and his KW Rage organization is playing well.

Nic Martins and the Wheels of Anarchy are here and they have always been scary competition!  They are in the bantam division and I expect them to be in for the long haul.  

It's the same old story for the Rattlers adult team- five guys and they are 2 and 0.  That formula seems to work for them!

Excitement teams are on their way in...and we are just getting started with Day 2!

I just had to get the word out that this regional is filled with national attendees.  I'll check in with ya later, but that's it for now from Oakville.