New Jersey is hoppin' tonight!!

So...I didn't time it out right, and I got here in enough time to do manual labor...not my cup of tea, but I digress.  I got to spend yesterday in NYC while Joe and Dave took the looooooong drive up from Florida (don't ask me why).  

I arrived today into the 30th street station in Philly and Mike Stover (Choice Inline rink owner) was there to pick me up.  I've known Mike for a while now and he's always been a great hockey guy and a good guy to be around- just downright crazy!!  His partner in crime, Mike Rossimini is even worse.  You hang around them and your bound to get into trouble.

The beautiful day in Jersey has turned into a beautiful night and the hockey is flowing right now.  We started the night with the Cougars taking it to the Choice Inline Selects 8-3 in the squirt division and then we would move onto the adult division who will play all of their round robin games tonight.  A couple bantam games will give us a few breaks from the adult division.

The adult division has a solid six teams and each team looks to make a statement as we move closer to Nationals.  Remember, to play in Aluminum or Bronze at Nationals, you MUST qualify for those divisions at a regional.  Here at the regional it looks like the Scorchers could be the class of the division but may have something to say about that and the Typhoon just stepped onto the floor so we will see what they are working with as well.  The other teams in the division are hanging in there as well.  The Cougars are definitely a young team, the Broadway Bullies are in from the Bronx and holding their own and the NJ Outsiders are in the mix as well.  

The bantam division has already had a shootout as the Cougars and Typhoon finished a low scoring game with the breakaway contest.  Typhoon won it 2-1 tonight, and if they are here, that means Charlie Yoder is in the building and my day gets better every time Charlie shows up.  He is a true gentleman and a scholar and we always have a good laugh when he is around.  One of the great people in our sport.  

Tomorrow we start at 6am with the mites and squirts and throw 18s in later in the day.  Adults will be finished by tomorrow evening.  With the new divisions tomorrow comes new faces and more stories for tomorrow's blogs.  Jason Muro and Vio will be in tomorrow so trust me, this is sure to be a weekend to remember.  As for now, Dave is workin away next to me, and bossman Joe Bertaccini and Stover are causing trouble, as always.  The Scorchers and Typhoon are on the rink now and the scorchers have a 3-0 lead.  I'm going to watch the rest of this game and talk to everyone tomorrow.  Continue to check the scores on the website and the facebook updates.  We will be rappin' all weekend!!

I'm out