New Era brings about good vibes

It's been a busy week here in Michigan.  Every time you prepare for a winter event, there is some sense of uncertainty due to the ice season, teams are not completely established and the weather is unpredictable.  But even with the uncertainty, there is a confident group at TORHS2Hot4Ice.  It's the first time I have even mentioned anything about it publicly, and to be honest there was reason for it.  We are creatures of habit and many times we get comfortable in what we are doing.  I have to admit, TORHS became habit for me.  When the news of the merger came down I didn't know what to think because I didn't know much about 2HOT4Ice.  I do know that roller hockey becomes so regionalized at times and the decision to join forces could bring things closer together.  

As I arrived to the rink of Friday, I see Joe Bertaccini at the booth and we immediately have a conversation about the merger, ideas, and the sport as a whole.  I have total confidence in Ron and Greg for where they were taking TORHS and the sport of inline hockey and within ten minutes of speaking to Joe I knew right then, that this was going to work.  His vision, intelligence and drive for what he does fits in perfectly.  The brand that is TORHS2Hot4Ice has a bright future ahead.

As for the event here, it's always buzzing at Joe D's fieldhouse.  No matter when I come to Shelby Township this place is "unreal."  It's nonstop hockey and the place is packed with the restaurant and bar buzzing and the hoops show on the other side.  Hanging out with John G, Evil, Farinelli, Matty K and all the other Dumars' "gems" (that's a Luscombe and Kitzul term) are times that are priceless and I won't even get into the Jason Muro stories right now!!

The hockey has been phenomenal and our pro division continues to grow for every event as younger teams are making a statement and hanging with the good ole top dogs!!  This event is only a prelude to what you will see all year.  The intensity, and most importantly, the consistency is what you can expect from EVERY TORHS2Hot4Ice event this year.

If you are thinking of giving our event a "shot" you won't be let down.  The hockey is great and the vision is bright.  This weekend has been tremendous, not just because the inline season is starting back up but because of the expectations of what lies head!!