Nationals Hotel Booking Link MUST READ

by Joe Bertaccini

We are pleased to announce our hotels for the 2022 TORHS HOCKEY National Championships.  Booking Link can be found below:


As a reminder, this event is a STAY-TO-PLAY event.  ALL ATTENDEES MUST BOOK THEIR HOTELS THROUGH THE LINK PROVIDED.  All bookings are handled by our fantastic hotel partner, Team Travel Source(TTS). Please note that only local teams, teams from the Tampa Bay metro area, will be excluded from having to book hotels thru TTS

Zak Jansing is our dedicated Team Relations Specialist with TTS and can answer any questions you may have, or help with your bookings.  Zak can be contacted directly at 502-242-6362, or

If your team is from outside of the Tampa Bay metro area and does not show up on our booking report when you check-in to the event, you will be required to pay an additional STAY-TO-PLAY fee of $350.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! We recommend setting up a team block for your team or club and sending that link out to each of your players.

If you have any questions at all about this policy, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and compliance with the STAY-TO-PLAY policy, which is paramount to keeping our event in Wesley Chapel!