Langley Has The Vibe!

They say "don't judge a book by it's cover" and The Hockey House in Langley, B.C. fits the bill.  Driving by the front of the rink, it blends in with the restaurant named "The Best Grill" and the National Hockey Training Center among other establishments.  Once you walk in, you can feel the vibe of roller hockey throughout the building.  From the upstairs observation deck to the closeness of the lobby area, it just feels like inline hockey heaven.  

The rink has a history that owners and operators Meka Trepanier and Trevor Sandham shared with TORHS2Hot4Ice upon our arrival.  It was the first year round inline hockey facility in Western Canada built in 1995.  After 5 years of growth, the building was too small and the operators moved to a multi-rink location 15 minutes away.  Meka and Trevor have since come into the location to revitalize the building and bring back the glory days of inline hockey at The Hockey House.  To their credit, they have done a great job by building out the 2nd floor spectator area and ensuring the locker rooms include showers.

The facility is not the only thing going on as the first game showed just how good the hockey is in British Columbia.  The Langley 97's put on a show for the ages as they beat the Central City Stars 9-1.  The Langley 97's will be a serious threat to the Bantam AAA division in Taylor this summer.

TORHS2Hot4Ice cannot ask for a better kick off to a relationship with a great staff and facility.  So far, the building has been awesome, the staff has felt like family and the hockey is extremely entertaining.  So now you know why Langley has the vibe.