Jincy Dunne Selected to Represent the USA in 2014 Olympics!

The first thing I saw as I walked into the office this morning was the Dunne family huddled around their iPads and iPhones watching the 2014 USA Women's Olympic team being announced. A few minutes later they were teary eyed and overcome with joy as Jincy Dunne's name was read from a list of 25 girls who were selected to represent the United States in Sochi Russia. Jincy made her debut at a TORHS tournament over 10 years ago and took the scene by storm when her 6 and under team won the gold medal. At 16 years old she is the youngest player to ever be selected for the Olympic team.

As I've been walking around the last few days I've noticed so many young girls on skates, either watching games or participating in them. The majority of the hockey players on the banners and advertisements are boys and most of our hockey role models are men. I cannot tell you how cool it is for these girls to have such an accessible and relate-able role model like Jincy Dunne to look up to. Jincy's selection--as someone who got her start in roller hockey--means so much for the girls who are just entering the sport and for the women who are veterans to the hockey scene.

We are so proud to have a long time member of the TORHS family representing the United States and we wish her the best of luck on her journey to the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi, Russia!