It's gonna be a long night...

More and more divisions are nearing a close.  The mites have completed round robin robin play and the Championship is set.  Black Ice will take on the Valken Vikings in the Championship.  The two teams split the round robin series and are set for a tough final matchup.  Jason Muro and Ben Ellison both have their teams ready to play.  It seems like these two guys have been on the rink all morning.

The 12U division is nearing a close as well and Black Ice has yet to lose a game, although it was a close 5-4 call against the Cougars.  The Valken Vikings haven't lost in squirts either.  

We will get back into the adult division in a bit as the Tier 1 and Tier 2 semis will get underway with that first matchup slated for 6:45pm.  The last game of the night will also be an adult game scheduled for 1:50am.  That's what happens when your tournament is packed.  

It's been a rough day for me as I am not feeling well at all, but it's so great to have Dave McNeil and Joe here and they are working like crazy.  The merchandise booth has been on fire (not literally) and the games are flowing as we are 40-minutes ahead of schedule, and that includes the couple of shootouts we have had already today.  Between being sick and having Joe heckle me about my "sorry Sabres" i'm trying to press forward.  The hockey makes it easy especially since it's good hockey.  

Currently on the rink, the Cougars are playing the Valken Vikings in a close-knit, intense 1-1 game late in the first period.  Joe's about to go grab lunch and he was thinking about taking in the Devils' game (to watch them lose, of course).  We still have alot to be decided here in Sewell, NJ.  I'm just along for the ride.

PS- Thanks Brooke for the banana run!!!