"Holmer" a Fan of Roller Hockey

TORHS2Hot4Ice had the pleasure of receiving yet another endorsement for roller hockey from a long time NHLer.   Tomas Holmstrom spent 15 seasons in a Detroit Red Wing uniform tallying almost 250 goals, and a total of 530 points in his NHL career.  He's hoisted Lord Stanley's Cup 4 times, had the honor of winning a Gold Medal for Sweden, yet still pushes his son Isak to enhance his skills while having a great time playing for Alkali Arsenal 03 here at the TORHS2Hot4Ice Regional Qualifier.

We only hope that the mentality of developing young players overall talent level through our great sport continues to spread throughout the ice hockey world.  We've seen more and more "roller guys" getting to the show over the past few years, and that trend will only continue in my opinion as we get more support from current and former players and coaches that see the positive reinforcements of playing roller hockey.

Back to the rink for more great hockey, but I'll be back shortly with the Cub Division Championship wrap up.