Happy Mother's Day from St. Louis

I wanted to take the time today to acknowledge the some of the most important people in our sport, the Hockey Moms!  They are all too often overlooked, but the support that all of the Moms out there give to their kids, coaches, and other players is second to none.  

I know that from a Tournament Directors' point of view, they are a life saver.  When we see a Mom that comes in as a team manager, 99.9% of the time it is a quick and easy check in process.  We never have to track their teams down for waivers, rosters, payments etc.  This weekend just ask Rob from the Blast organization, normally we get to see Tammy and she has everything nice and organized, but this weekend she wasn't available and Rob was scrambling to try and get everything together, the poor guy was in shambles.  

As a young player, I never realized how much my own Mom did for me and my teams, I took it for granted, and I've thought about that every day since she passed away.  The dedication that these Moms (and Dads) have to their kids is amazing.  Taking time to get them to the rink on time for early morning games or practices, sticking around late at night to cheer them on, spending the one day a year that is supposed to be just for them at the rink because the love their kids more than words can describe, it truly is an amazing relationship.  

TORHS2Hot4Ice wants to make sure that every single Mom out there knows that we respect what you do, and we could not keep running great events without your support!  

Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there, and a special thank you this weekend to Lisa Schraeder, Wendy McGuire, and Lori from the Mudcats for all of their hard work!