Early start here in Sewell

Good mo'nin from Sewell, NJ.  Yes, I'm the lucky guy who got to come in at 5:45 this morning.  I don't know what's wrong with me!  I OFFERED to open!  Ever made a nice gesture and offered something when you truly didn't want to give it up or have anything to do with it?  Yea...that's my current situation and it came back to bite me in the form of a 5:20am wake up call.

With that being said, it's been a pretty smooth morning!  We started on time and continue to run on time today.  I got some dirty looks as I walked in the door as everyone was probably thinking, "what is with this 6am game time?"  But that's the nature of our sport when your tournaments are packed.  So I blame the looks on the time of day (insert confused laugh).  Playoffs started early with Cougars, Team Blue, Hershey Typhoon and Roadrunners all in action in win-or-go home scenarios.  Black Ice is a team that will be in later along with #50in97 in midgets as those teams received byes and get to sleep in!

The board got a little confusing for some this morning as we had a three way tie for third in the peewee division.  After head to head was thrown out (because one team did not defeat the other two), we had to go to goal differential.  After we got one team seeded out, teams believed it went back to head to head which is NOT the case.  Once you eliminate head to head as a tie breaker, you NEVER go back.  

Last night, mens finished late, but the Neumann Knights grabbed the top seed as they get prepped for their big event this coming weekend.  I can't wait for the semi game in tier 1 as the Cougars will play the Roadrunners and that will be intense.  Last night was also the first time I had ever had the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sundae from Friendly's that Joe B FORCED me to get.  It was pretty extraordinary but I felt sooo guilty eating it- especially since Joe made me get extra peanut butter sauce- It's all his fault!  It WON'T happen again.

With it being the last day of the tournament, the merch booth is packed as well.  The Cougars and Roadrunners are currently in a very tight semifinal game for the peewee division.  The fans are loud and the intensity is high, and it will stay that way all day as everyone here is dialed into all of the games.  There has truly been some great hockey.

Big shout out to Deena Colella who brought me McDonalds breakfast this morning.  She's a champ.  Her son Mikey is ripping it up here in Jersey.  The Dellamorte family is here and Pop Nick is slaying me this weekend.  EVERY TIME I talk to the guy he makes me laugh.  Little Halverson was trying to give me the business so I had to teach him a lesson and Mr Dellamorte was in rare form (who am I kidding?- it's not rare- it's totally common for him) and caused the BIGGEST scene of the tournament.  Everyone looked over and all I could do was laugh hysterically.  The man is truly one of a kind!!!

We are stepping our game up big time!  New regional medals, plaques, individual awards and merchandise.  All in the efforts of branding and perfecting this game we all love.  Time is flying as we have already hit April.  Nationals will be here before you know it!  

I have to go get ready for these Championship games comin up, so I'm signing off for now!!