Early Morning Action

It's Day 2 of Winter Cup for us, but the majority of teams are rolling in to Dreamsports for the first time this weekend and the atmosphere at the rink is incredible.  It's always great to be at an event that has all of the younger age groups, and this morning we've kicked things off with Mite, Atom, and Cub all being in the building.  That means that the X-Box has already got a workout today, and the mini rink has been packed with both players and spectators all morning long.

I'd like to thank the McDounough Lizard Kings organization for making the trip up this weekend from Atlanta.  I know that dealing with  the road conditions during the 7 hour trip couldn't have been easy and all of us here at TORHS2Hot4Ice appreciate it more than you know.  

Steve from DreamSports has been huge help this weekend, especially in the Cub division.  We have quite a few kids participating in their first roller hockey tournament this weekend, and the look on their faces when they see everything that we bring in for these events.  It's the best feeling there is to watch the excitement from them both on and off the rink, they are the future of our sport, and it reminds you of when we fell in love with this amazing game.

Reminder that you can find all of the scores and photos from the event on the website, and if you have a particular team or player you'd like me to watch and highlight in a blog, please send me an email at John@TORHS2hot4ice.com.

I'll be back in a bit with a mid-day update!