Dreamsports...the rink that NEVER sleeps!

It's truly amazing how active this facility is.  Starting early on Friday night is impossible because of teen night at Dreamsports and this place is packed with kids of all ages playing soccer, skating, playing in the arcade and just having fun in the joint.  It's always a great thing when we see our rinks packed, it just opens more people up to the game.

Since we couldn't do much last night, Joe, Steve (Dreamsports CEO), Dave, and I went out to grab a bite to eat at an oyster bar.  Now, I love seafood, but was not a big fan of this oysters and clams.  When things look like they could still be kickin'...that's not something I'm prepared to eat.  The shrimp was awesome, the crab was good (i'm just not a huge fan of "working" for my food).  It was a good time but only led to the inevitable...tournament set up and George Brown doing manual labor.  Now, if you have read ANY of the directors' blogs throughout the season, you have found out that I usually time my arrival out perfectly so I don't have to lift anything, including myself, or put anything together, it's just me!!  I'm still waiting for Joe to COMPLETELY figure that out; but until he does, I guess I have no choice but to be smart in booking my travel ;).  

We finished set up pretty late last night, but everything looks good and is complete.  We got to the rink this morning and JOE WAS ON A MISSION to complete a project he set out to do.  Let's put it this way, when Joe wants something done- there's no question it's going to happen.  

We have started the hockey this morning and the youngsters have the place going bonkers!!  10U and 12U started the morning off for us and at noon we will be running two rinks full time for the rest of the day.  So many people are asking questions about Nationals and there's a great buzz about the event down here.  I got to talk to the guys at Dumars last night as I got some funny texts from John Gelement and our boy Tom Schneider is helping out this weekend as we have another great tournament going on at the "Duey" in Shelby Township, MI this weekend as well.  

Keep checking the website to stay up to date on all the scores and info for the weekend.  It's beautiful outside and we are pumped for a great tournament inside.

Talk to you in a bit.