Dragons Claim Pee Wee Title

The Dragons continued their dominating run in the Pee Wee Division with a 5-0 victory over Speed in the championship game.  Matt Miller, Nick Tsaousis, and Victor Paluzzi (High Scorer, Top Dishman, and Top Goalie respectively) lead the way for the Dragons.  

Right now we have the Mite Semi-Finals going on both rinks with the top seed Flying Monkeys taking on the Dragons Red in one match-up and McDonough Lizard Kings playing Dragons Grey on the other side.  All 4 of these teams have been batting this weekend both on the big rinks and the mini rinks to see who is going to take home the TORHS2Hot4Ice gold.  

I'd like to take this time to thank Chris Street and Charlie Le for their support yet again.  Those guys are working hard to build the Alkali Assault program, and we're confident we will be a part of that growth during 2013 as they plan to make the trip up to Detroit for the North Nationals as well as playing right here at Dreamsports for our South Nationals.  Make sure to check out the main page for block schedule information as well as regional schedules!