'Deep in the heart of Texas'

Whattaburger this morning, Rudy's BBQ this afternoon!!! This is the ONLY thing I don't like about the tournament season- the fact that my nutrition goes down the drain!  

The tourney is moving right along here in Denton.  In the mite division, although the Lone Star Raptors are winless so far, Jeffrey Kohnfelder has recorded 15 goals in their four games.  The only undefeated team in that division is the Jets 04 team.  They will play their final round robin game tomorrow morning against the Americans.  In the peewee division, Luscious Flow has jumped ahead of all the other teams as they have yet to lose a game and they are also playing up in bantam, but Green Eggs and Ham defeated them by the slimmest of margins in their first meeting.  Looks like those two teams will be battling it out all weekend.  As we move to the mens division, the Bronze/Silver division have seen some very close games as the Bombers, Havoc and Sharkies have all seen action and both games were decided by only two goals.  The gold division saw Fry Street Famous get an early start against Da Golden Nuggets, defeating them 4-1.  Its always good to see guys I haven't seen for a while come and play here in Denton.  Bryce Miller heads up Da Golden Nuggets out of Lafayette, Louisiana, Hunter Stafford, Austin Murray, Stefan Skinner, Jason Cotton, Johnny Henson and others round out the Fry Street Famous team.  That gold division is going to be a very interesting one as more teams are coming in now to get things underway.

One reminder to all teams from this area:  IF YOU PLAY IN BOTH TEXAS EVENTS (Denton and Houston), you will receive a $100 discount on your entry fee for the Houston event at the end of April (25-27).  That one promises to be action packed as well.  Can't wait!! 

Before I go, I just wanted to give a huge shout out to the young man in our cover photo for this story.  Cade Willis got the call up today to help an adult team out and got his first two seconds of playing time in the "big leagues".  He was the talk of the tourney a little earlier today and helped a team in need and was all smiles!!!  It was a pretty funny experience!

Side note: There WAS a Dallas Stars game last night and Ronnie B didn't do his research, so of course, we missed a great game as the Stars won last night.  We were in the hotel room watching Friday Night Dateline and since we had to go to the rink to set up...we NEVER GOT TO FIND OUT IF THE DUDE ACTUALLY KILLED HIS WIFE!! Smh...let's get it together Ronnie.

Also, Hey Joe B...our individual awards look GREAT!!  How're yours lookin'?