Cub Hardware Handed Out

Well we have just had our first championship game of the 2013 TORHS2Hot4Ice Winter Cup South, and it was an absolute blast to watch.  The Cub division showcased 16 new players to our tournament series, and judging from the quality play, smiles on all of their faces, and the parents reaction, I think it's safe to say we will be seeing more of these players in the very near future.

The Dragons Red would defeat the Dragons White in a 5-2 game.  After all the dust settled the individual award winners were:

High Scorer - Alison Holcombe (Dragons White)

Top Dishman - Landon Boucher (Dragons Red)

Top Goalie - Emma Deman (Dragons Red) 

Cub Skills

Emma is a player that should be on everyones radar.  She also won our Cub Division Breakaway Challenge in the Killer Skills Competition earlier this afternoon and was stellar on the microphone with George Brown after that event.  

That's the only division that wrapped up today, so for additional playoff seeding information and playoff match-ups you'll have to stay tuned to our blogs and scores as those details come in throughout the day today.  

I'm heading back over to the Blue Rink now to get set up for Pee Wee Skills, but will be back in a bit for another recap.