It's always awesome when you can watch the newest players in our great sport get on the rink and play.  We could all learn a lot from the way these kids handle themselves, win or lose both Reebok and the Detroit Mission Stars skated off the rink with huge smiles on their faces because they were doing something that they love!  

This weekend we had 17 players come out and play in the Cub Division, which consisted of a 2 game schedule plus a TORHS2Hot4Ice Super Skills Competition.  I'd like to extend a huge thank you to Bill Anderson and Vinny Jalaba of the Reebok organization out of the JCC, as well as Joe Tilney and Dave Zarem from Detroit Mission Stars out of The Rink for putting in their time and effort to ensure all of these kids had a great time!  

CUB REEBOKReebok Cub: Sam Anderson, Cooper Williams, Joey Sines, Brendan Day, Luke Jamviriya, Nathan Vertes, & Andrew Miller


Detroit Mission Stars Cub: Landen Tilney, Kylie Golub, Savanah Golub, Ashton Fertik, Wyatt Saunders, Ethan Reynolds, Luke Colton, Jamie Gorski, & Josh Palka