Codeine Cowboys Lasso Adults Top Seed In Langley

The Codeine Cowboys have grabbed the top seed with one game remaining against the Tour Rage.  The Cowboys have made the run through the ranks with some timely scoring and big saves.  Those saves have come from Alex Frisk, one of the top female goalies in North America.  Alex has participated in past events with the Tour Roadrunners and may make her first TORHS2Hot4Ice Nationals appearance this year.  We are all hoping to see this bright face running around Taylor come June.

As far as the other action, Bantams is closing out the night with the teams hoping to knock the Langley 97s off the top perch as round robin comes to a close.  Overall, the quality of hockey is great in British Columbia and has made the trip well worth it.  

A big thanks goes out to Lori Oliver for bringing us some Starbucks tonight...we needed the jolt with the long day.  More updates coming tomorrow.