Beautiful day for hockey at SGAA

I don't get this type of weather in Buffalo, NY.  It should be 80 degrees here today, there's not a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining bright as we arrive to the rink this morning.

Today we start the day with a mite semi final game between two evenly matched teams in the Tennessee Knuckleheads and the Blue Hat Battalion.  We will have playoff match-ups all day as each division (except Adult and Atom) will be split up into two tiers so that our playoff games will be close and competitive.  Being from the northeast and not having been to one of the tournaments down south recently, you get to see a lot of the teams you don't see all year and they are all just as passionate about their hockey down here.

You can check out the playoff match-ups on our schedule page as most of the seedings have been completed.  We are just waiting on the final round robin games for atom, peewee, bantam and adult to take place to completely seed those.  In the atom division, the final round robin game between the Dragons and SGAA Mission Sting is essentially a semi final match.  Dragons won the first meeting, but depending on tie breakers, the Sting can rain on the Dragons parade by pulling off the win.

The squirt division promises to bring us some great playoff games, as that division and the mite division were the only divisions to provide us with shootouts to decide games yesterday.  Speaking of yesterday, it had everything from rivalries to shootouts, from comebacks to upsets and the action here today is already intense as most games are win-or go home!  In bantam it will be the Skittles or Bruise Brothers grabbing the top seed as the Brothers went 3-0, and the Skittles are 2-0 with one RR game remaining.  In peewee, if SGAA Mission Sting Black win their final RR game, they will run away with the number one seed and a bye into the tier 1 championship.  

The merch booth is getting busy now as people make their final purchases before leaving so I have to wrap this up.  Oh, and by the's supposed to snow in Buffalo on Tuesday- so I'm taking advantage of this weather as much as I can!!