Bardown Creative Skates on Board for 2018

by Joe Bertaccini

1/23/2018, Plainfield, IL – TORHS 2Hot4Ice is proud to welcome Bardown Creative as its newest sponsor for the 2018 season. Bardown will be attending numerous T2H4I events throughout the 2018 tournament season, as well as our National Championships in Tampa, Florida

“We are excited to bring Bardown Creative on board for the 2018 season,” says Joe Bertaccini, one of the principals of TORHS 2Hot4Ice LLC. “Bardown is a young company that has come a long way over the last 2-3 years.  Tim and his staff do an excellent job, are innovative, and reliable; crucial factors in their business. We look forward to having them be an integral part of the TORHS 2Hot4Ice family for 2018 and beyond!”

“Bardown Creative is an up and coming custom jersey and apparel designer and supplier that has grown rapidly since its inception in 2008,” says Tim Turner, founder of Bardown Creative. “We think this is the perfect opportunity to extend our horizons through one of the major national tournament series, which is why we've aligned ourselves with Torhs 2Hot4Ice. We look forward to bringing you and your team the look you deserve and style you're proud to wear."

Bardown Creative is a full-service apparel company serving its clients with head to toe apparel, custom uniforms, including jerseys and pants, and much more. They can be reached on the web at