Bantam AAA is sizzling

Day two has netted some great match ups and unexpected results.  One of the most anticipated divisions coming into the first block is the Bantam AAA and it has not disappointed the fans.  So far, the predictions are all over the map and the round robin has not cleared up the picture.

One of the big surprises was in the Mission Bauer Bordercats and Akali RPD 96 match up.  The Bordercats, led by Dominic Aiuto(2G) and Kevin Maddox(1G 2A), the Cats knocked off RPD 3-2 in round robin play.  

After 2 games each, Mission Coast 2 Coast sits atop with 4 points and Tour Blast, Mission Bauer Bordercats, Alkali RPD 96 are all tied with 2 points each.  Detroit Mission Stars is still waiting on their first points of the tournament.  There is no way to tell who will come out on top after the dust clears but one thing is guaranteed, everyone in attendance will be treated to some great hockey in Taylor Michigan.