As night falls in the north...

Ok ok...I'm sure the title sounded like you were reading a romance novel.  But I just spent exactly twelve minutes trying to come up with a title for this blog and....NOTHING!  I was even going to try to make a play on words like, "Cana-DUH we're coming to Taylor!" And then I thought how corny and brutal that was and the lashing I would probably take for it and I came up with the current title.  So, no, you're not going to read about the Canadian breeze passing over my bald head or the moon shining bright in my big, brown, beautiful eyes (Sorry, ladies!)  But, you will hear about some good hockey from this weekend.

Let's start with the youngest division and then get older...

I have seen some of the best, most intense peewee hockey right here in Ontario this weekend.  The peewee tier 1 semi from today could be a preview of the national championship in peewee AAA.  It's incredible hockey.  The Halton Alkali Coyote White team is not use to losing AT ALL!  They haven't lost a game in a mighty long time and they have the hardware to prove it!  The KW Rage 2000s had different plans this weekend.  Scott Buehlow, who is the first person to compliment the other team, raves about the talent and intelligence of Rob Morgan's Coyotes, but KW got the best of them this weekend, defeating them two times, and once in the semi final game!  They will play the Coyote Red team in the championship tomorrow!

In peewee Tier 2, both Rattler teams battles it out as Phil Nolan's Black team got the best of John MacPherson's red team and will play KW Rage in the championship tomorrow morning.  I do have to say that the Rattler red team is the best dressed team here.  Their new dry fits and shorts are picture in the cover photo for this article.  We all know, one of the biggest part of roller hockey is the "look".  They've got it down!

Now, I am writing my blog so late because I couldn't get a break from watching games.  Mostly every game has been closely contested and the bantam division was no different.  This division saw AAA talent reign at the top as the top three seeds were decided very early.  Wheels of Anarchy, FSH Ducks, and the Halton Alkali Coyotes round out the top three in that order.  Tomorrow's playoffs will be unbelievable in that division.  The next three teams are teams that will most likely be in the AA bracket come the end of June.  Tie breakers were the tale of the tape deciding who went on to the playoffs.  Alkali Excitement gets the bye to the ship, Rattlers Black and KW Rage will rematch their great game from tonight in the morning, this time its loser- go home!  

The adult division has not seen one mercy.  We could have gotten away with one big playoff because all the teams have played amazing games.  The game of the day in that division, though had to be the Mission BorderRats against the York Inline Certified Stripes.  The game was gritty, nasty, fast, and skilled- everything you hope for in a hockey game.  York Inline scored with 2.1 seconds left to win the game and we are awaiting the completion of this final game to see where these teams will end up!  (check the schedule in about five minutes).  I had to shout out the big dog, Thomas Zubrick as he scored last game to lead his team (York Inline) to victory because he said he "loved my blogs."  He even read the Texas ones because he had a "boring week."  So, Thomas, I expect to see you and your boys at Nationals too!  As the last game ends, I've got to go watch Kenny Tencza and Blake Luscombe put on a show.  The game is important for seeding as they are playing the Borderrats and the Rats have a chance to end up in Tier 1.  They trail 8-6 right now with just over two minutes left!'s time for me to wrap up for the night as we have a packed day tomorrow.  Nothing but playoffs and championships, so I'll be busy, but I will definitely try and update you along the way.  You can check and scores, though, as we will update everything right when the clock hits zeros.  And now, it's time to let the breeze pass over my bald head, and the moon to shine in my big brown eyes, get the picture!!

Good night from Oakville!