And.....we're off!!!

Where has the time gone??  Seems like we just wrapped up Nationals and now we're back at it in the Steel City.   I drove in today from Buffalo ready to start my twelfth year with TORHS/TORHS2Hot4Ice.  It's become an extended family of sorts and I can't really say I'm surprised by anything anymore.  There are some awesome people in this sport and once you start talking with them, you realize why it's so easy to get up and go to the rink every weekend.

After years in this sport, this is probably the most anticipated season for TORHS2Hot4Ice!!  We have an amazing location for Nationals in Philadelphia, PA and our regionals continue to grow.  The excitement around the company is of a kind that I haven't seen or felt in years and having over 60 teams at our winter event is just the start.  The plans for this year are ridiculous and I'm pumped as EVERYONE should be for 2014.  

The rink is PACKED tonight, and everyone is ready to get the year underway.  Tonight we began with the High school division, mites, squirts, peewees and mens and many games have been tight with a couple shootouts in the books.  Pro starts tomorrow and some rivalries will build INSTANTLY to start the season.

I surprised myself today, as I was the first one to the rink.  The only bad part about that was that I HAD to take part in manual labor.  For those of you that know me, know I sing, dance, make jokes, but getting my hands dirty is not on my to do list..."ain't nobody got time fuh dat!" (youtube "Sweet Brown").  I'm lost this weekend without my computer as my mac crashed.  I have soooo much information on there and cannot afford to lose it.  I have this blinking folder with a question mark in it when I boot up my computer.  If anyone knows how to troubleshoot this, please email me at  If all of my information is lost- DO NOT email me until Tuesday so I can at least enjoy the hockey this weekend.  Thanks!!

Now, as for the hockey...I'm going to watch some more puck.  Mens is in full swing, our merchandise booth is sickkkkk, and if you haven't stopped by to get your hands on some of our new items, you need to do so quick- things are going fast.  Well...time for me to get back to making people smile!  Talk to you guys soon!