And then there was one...

I've been attached to cameras and microphones all weekend, but seeing that today is my last full day at TORHS2HOT4ICE Nationals...I thought I would write a good ole blog before I get called out at dinner!!! (insider)


The picture you see is of the shirt that jason and Vio brought from New York.  For some reason they see me as "King of the Box".  Well...seeing a hundred people in these shirts throughout the week was pretty hilarious and I have to give them credit.  They got me...they're one up!!  But, oh boy, you guys have it coming!!! 

There's something about these Nationals that is different than any other one for me.  There's a certain momentum wrapping up here and looking toward the south Nationals (which is now completely sold out) that I have never felt in my twelve years at TORHS/TORHS2Hot4Ice.  The buzz is incredible even though we are coming to an end.  I've been absolutely in my element when it comes to TORHS2HOT TV and the competition has left me speechless when I thought that was

Today I got to sit down with JP Bielsten and Joe Cook and talk about sponsorship, the pro division, and the National event as a whole.  You will be able to see the video on our website today.  Interviewing so many people, and just being able to communicate with everyone has been an experience I will never forget.  I can only hope the opportunities become greater and we become more creative when it comes to the media side of the event.  If you have any suggestions, please shoot them over to us as it can only help us get better.  It's truly unfortunate that we can't get more people on with as much action as there is in the event, but I try my best to get as many angles on as many different topics as I can.

The Junior AAA semis and Championship were today and two dominant teams ended up in the final game.  The Rattler team was stacked with some amazing, young talent that will be a force to reckon with for years to come, but somehow FTB ALWAYS pulls it out in the end.  At one point in the game it  seemed to be a low scoring affair...I blinked and FTB was up 8-5. By the end of the game, the final score was 8-7 and it felt like if the game was to go another period longer, the lead could have changed five times and EVERYONE in the building would have been there to watch.

The AA divisions are nearing their end as well.  Jason Muro and Black Ice are still around, so you know the days are still filled with jokes, laughter and bad language when he starts to tell his stories and it wouldn't be a normal day if we went without it.  He told one of his players today: "THE ONLY WAY YOU'RE GOING BACK ON THE RINK IS IF YOUR FATHER COMES OVER HERE, KNOCKS ME OUT, AND PUTS YOU OUT HIMSELF..." PRICELESS!!!

I am sick I have to leave the tournament early tomorrow but duty calls!  I am totally confident in the staff we have.  The merger has been seamless.  John and Mike have kept a tight ship, while everyone else on the staff has done an incredible job keeping the event running smoothly.  Even the rink playlists on the ipods are awesome...because we all know how time cosuming that can be (insider)!!!

I have to say goodbye to our newest staff member, Willie, tomorrow!  If you haven't met Willie, I may get a chance to interview him tomorrow, so continue to check TORHS2Hot TV as I will post more highlight shows once the event ends.  I will get Joe and Ron on the set tomorrow as well for a wrap up episode and then I am on a plane.

I truly can't wait to get to South Nationals and set up the studio.  I think they are going to be amazed at what we do. I have never had the chance to experience a National event down in North Carolina but I am truly looking forward to making an impact in that market.  

I would love to write more, but I now have editing and packing to do.  I'll catch ya later!!!