by George Brown

We are less than a week away from the Nationals deadline and we wanted to make sure that we answered any questions you may have.  Below are a few of the questions we have been asked and the answers you may be looking for.   Check these out so you are prepared for the 2021 TORHS Nationals.

Q:  I know the deadline to sign up is June 1st, but will the deadline be extended this year?  

A:  We always try to work with teams so NO TEAM looking to play in Tampa is turned away, but with adults this year we will be packed.  If you haven’t registered yet, and plan to do so, please contact George ASAP.   (716)481-6016 so we can make sure you don’t get left out.

Q:  We have a younger player that has played for us at regionals, can play with us at nationals?

A:  Adult players MUST be turning 18 THIS YEAR to be eligible to play in any adult division.

Q:  Will you be splitting 30 & over into two tiers?

A:  Yes; we will have 2 Tiers for 30+.  Any team that rosters a pro player MUST play in the top tier.

Q:  Are pro players allowed to play adult?

A:  NO!  

Q:  Do we have to stay in one of the host hotels?

A:  YES!  And we've made it pretty easy for you.  Click here to book your reservations today!  Remember, this event is Stay-To-Play. All reservations must be made using that link. If you do not, you team will be charged a $300 fee at check-in.

Q:  Who do I contact if I have any other questions about ADULT NATIONALS!

A: “Downtown” Georgie Brown  ( (716-481-6016)