Action is hot in the Lou

The Tour Jr Mudcat program is growing and showing their skills at the first of two St Louis qualifiers.  Quickly becoming the premier program in St Louis, the Jr Mudcats have arrived this weekend and created some buzz with some exciting games.  It did not take long as the Mudcat Green and Red teams stretched their Peewee match up to a 7 player shootout.  Logon Conroy finally put the game away for the Mudcat Green team with the winner in sudden death.

In the best game of the day Saturday, the Bantam Alkali Max and Tour Jr Mudcat Green teams played to a 3-1 finish that had fans standing on their feet.  While the score may not reflect it, this one was a close one.  The game was tied up throughout the 2nd period after Cory Robinson scored at the 11:29 mark of the 2nd period for the Mudcats.  It was back and forth until the Alkali Max Jake Faulkner scored a goal with the assist going to Josh Dunne with 3:50 remaining in the game for the winner.  Jessie Dunne put the icing on the cake with an assist from Tyler Watson with just over 2 minutes remaining.  

Overall it has been a great weekend with all the local talent running around and playing a ton of games.  Jincy Dunne has made her mark on the local inline hockey scene with recent success on ice.  She is playing on the Alkali Max with her sister Jessie and brother Josh.  If you don't have one, you have to get one of her player's cards and have her autograph it for your collection.  Some are floating around the rink this weekend and may be going for top dollar.  Willie offered his autograph to Jincy but she declined for some odd reason.   As most in the industry say, TORHS2Hot4Ice brings the heat and it shows this weekend in St Louis!