A New Season Has Begun!

The life of a tournament operator is quite chaotic once the tournament season begins, all the work that is done to prepare for the event prior to arriving and then of course during the event, we spend the majority of the weekend at the rink.  However, I must say that this is a home away from home for all of us, one that we each enjoy, and it is great to be back seeing a lot of familiar faces and getting a new season underway.

The start of this season is different than any other.  There is a lot of energy in the building.  With the merge between 2Hot4Ice and TORHS, there is a ton of excitment for what is on the horizon for the future of our sport.  Just tonight, I had several conversations with people who are super excited about the future of TORHS 2Hot4Ice.  We certainly share that excitement.

As for game action, having spent the majority of my evening in the merch tent, I have been able to catch some of the pro action, and it has been impressive.  The Tour Mudcats looked solid in a win over the Tour Excitement, but even more impressive was the performance from Alkali RPD in a win over Mission Black Ice.  Travis Noe is some player,  and his performance in this game proves why many believe he is one of the top players in our game today.

Speaking of Alkali and Tour, both are here with their booths set up, and showing off their impressive lines.  Being in between them, I can hear a lot of chatter of players who seem to be very impressed with their products.  We are really exited about our relationship with these two sponsors, and look forward to a great year helping promote their brands.

The action has just started, but with 46 teams and 111 games, the action will be just about around the clock.  We are tracking live scores right here on our website, and our Facebook page(make sure you have liked our new TORHS 2Hot4Ice page) is keeping you up to date on what is going on around the rink.

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you are here, be sure to stop by and say hello!