A New Era Begins - TORHS 2H4I Becomes TORHS Hockey

by Chris Treft

TORHS 2Hot4Ice will now be TORHS Hockey

“This is an exciting day for our company as this new era begins. Since the merger and birth of TORHS 2Hot4Ice back in 2012, it was always our goal to adopt a ‘new’ name for our ‘new’ company," said Joe Bertaccini. "It has probably taken us longer than we originally expected, but today, we have decided that we will move forward as TORHS Hockey.  We do not shed the 2Hot4Ice name lightly.  From its inception in 1999, the late Clay Ladouceur did so much in the game to build the 2hot4ice brand before I purchased the business from him in 2010. The name 2Hot4Ice will always hold a special place with our company, and it will continue to have a place in our marketing strategies moving forward.  In a year where there is so much excitement for our brand, we look forward to rebranding under the TORHS Hockey name, and continuing to bring you a top notch tournament experience.”

“I expect that changing our name and brand to TORHS Hockey will be as seamless as the merger of Torhs America and 2Hot4Ice in 2012 turned out to be," said Ron Beilsten. "That merger of two like-thinking organizations and people have created a model that will be maintained for the future under the TORHS Hockey banner.”

Our website will now be torhs.com (torhs2hot4ice.com and 2hot4ice.com still point to the new website).  We are @TORHSHockey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Additional rebranding, including collateral, banners, awards, etc. will occur over the course of this season.