6u Packs the Punch here in Apex!

While we have had some tremendous games already this morning, including the 12u Tier 1 Championship, which just ended with the Tour Rattlers outlasting the Carolina Express to take home the championship, the story of the day is and has already been the 6u division.  These little guys and girls have entered the building, and the looks on their faces is priceless.  They have never experienced something like this, and most of them feel larger than life!  Even Blade, the DSC mascot, has made an appearance and is spending time taking in the action.

Steve has done a wonderful job creating excitement for this division, and you can tell that by talking to the parents just how much excitement their is for their kids to participate in an event like this.  Obviously, it goes without saying, but these kids are the future of our sport, and we are happy to host them this weekend.  In the first game of the day, Team Blue was a bit too much for Team White, and ended up with a 4-1 win.  Team Red is due to arrive any minute and will be playing their first game in a little bit.

We are in the midst of 13 Championship ceremonies so things are a bit crazy here at Dreamsports, but I want to revisit my initial blog, as I forgot to mention Johnny Powell as one of the local coaches here in Apex that has done a wonderful job teaching and helping grow the sport in the local Raleigh market.  I have known Johnny and Becky for several years and have watched their son Bridger since he was 7 years old.  This afternoon, Bridger and his Puck Dynasty Pirates teammates won the 10u Tier 2 Championship.

I will be back later to wrap things up here in Apex....